How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue


After becoming engaged, one of the first wedding planning tasks any couple should do is to choose the wedding venue.  It is important that the venue is selected early because often locations book events a year or more in advance.  The venue sets the tone for the entire wedding and can make the difference between having the wedding of your dreams or your worst nightmare.  Here are our expert steps to choosing the perfect wedding venue.

BUDGET:  Before going to see any wedding locations, couples should first have a good idea of their wedding budget.  Many venues offer a standard rental rate and charge separately for additional services and equipment.  Some important questions to ask are whether you have to use a preferred caterer and other vendors.  This can make all the difference in whether you can actually afford a venue or not.  Also ask whether you are allowed to bring your own alcohol.  Some venues will include linen and other decor, but many will not.  Consider whether you will need to rent these items as well as any equipment such as chairs, tents and lighting.

SIZE:  In addition to the budget, consider the size of your wedding when choosing a venue.  You should have a good estimate of how many guests you will invite before viewing a space.  Be careful when asking for the maximum capacity of a venue.  Think about how many people can “comfortably” fit in a space.

LOCATION:  The location of your venue is important when considering whether guests can conveniently travel to your wedding.  If your wedding is in an urban area, inquire whether parking is available and if there is a charge.  Also find out if there are any big events scheduled near the location on the day of your wedding.  You want to make sure you and your guests are able to arrive on time, without hassle.

TYPE OF WEDDING:  When choosing a wedding venue it is imperative that the location fits with the type of wedding you want.  For example, if you desire to have the ceremony and reception at the same place, you need to choose a site that has space for both.  If you want an outdoor wedding, make sure the venue can provide a rain contingency plan.  The style and feel of your wedding also makes a difference.  Modern, contemporary weddings should not be held on a farm.  Likewise, rustic and vintage weddings would not come across well at a modern art museum.

We hope these ideas help with choosing your perfect wedding venue.  Good luck!


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