5 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Whenever we meet with a new wedding client, one of the things we always emphasize is that this is their wedding.  Therefore, they set the rules and have the liberty to change any traditions for their wedding.  Today, many couples choose to forgo traditional wedding cakes.  Luckily there are several options for reception desserts other than a traditional tiered cake.  Here are five great alternatives to a wedding cake.

Cupcakes:  Instead of one big cake, why not opt for individual cakes.  Cupcakes are just that.  Include one or several flavors and decorate them in all your wedding colors.


Cakepops:  Cake pops are a fun way to still have cake and icing without the traditional slices.

cake-pops-1491619_960_720 (1)

Cheesecake:  You don’t have to be Italian to decide on this delectable dessert.  Have your baker add berries, or drizzle with chocolate or caramel syrups.


Donuts & Parfaits:  If you’re having a breakfast or brunch reception, consider serving a morning dessert.  Donuts and parfaits make great options.



What’s your favorite wedding dessert?



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