How to Create the Perfect Candy Table

Here at Elite Event Management LLC, we love creating beautiful events and parties.  One of the most fun features we are often asked to design is a candy table.  Creating a candy table is pretty easy as long as you follow a few key rules.  Here are some elements that will help in making a gorgeous candy table.

Theme – If your event has a particular theme, you should definitely incorporate this into the candy table design.  This will allow for a cohesive decor look.



Color – Along with keeping the same theme, use the same color palette for the candy table that is used in other decor for the event.  This can be done with the candy, linen or props.



Texture – Using different textures can be an unexpected surprise for your guests.  Think about adding feathers, satin fabrics, or grosgrain ribbon.  Sequins and glitter are also fun textures to use for any candy table.


Personalize – Lastly, always add some personalized elements to your candy table.  Table signs and labels are an easy way to add names or initials.



We hope these tips will help in making your next event spectacular!




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