Congratulations You’re Engaged! Now what? The first 5 things to do after you get engaged.

Getting engaged is one of the most important milestones in a couple’s relationship.  After the shock of the proposal wears off, many couples are left wondering “what’s next.”  Well, we’re here to help you.  If you have recently gotten engaged, here are the 5 things you should do first.

One:  Insure your rings

Many couples forget how important it is to get the engagement ring (and later the wedding bands) insured.  With all the excitement and planning to be done, this crucial task is often forgotten or neglected.  Nothing will put a damper on the thrill of getting married like losing the ring, or worst, having it stolen.  Get it insured!



Two:  Set a Budget

Today, many couples decide to pay for their wedding themselves.  Before any planning can start, there must be a budget…a REALISTIC budget.  Once there is an idea of how much you are willing and able to spend, planning the wedding becomes much easier.


Three:  Draft a Guest List

The cost of a wedding is directly related to the amount of guests attending.  The venue, food, linen and a host of other things are determined only after the guest list is written.  You may have thoughts of a small, intimate wedding, but soon realize that your families are anything but small.  Start with a list of everyone you want to invite, then cut it down to fit your budget.


Four:  Find a Venue

Many wedding venues book events as far as two years in advance or more.  As soon as you have a budget and an idea of how many guests your are having, start searching for a venue.  However, your venue does not have to be a traditional place.  Think outside the box and consider, museums, farms and even someone’s backyard.


Five:  Tell People

Once you have completed the first four tasks, it is time to let your potential guests know about your wedding.  Sending save-the-dates is an easy way to notify your guests and give some details about your big day.  Be careful to only send them to those people you know will later receive an invitation!


If all this seems overwhelming, enlist the services of a wedding planner to help you stay on track of all your wedding plans.


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